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Computer Internet NetworkingThe Internet is a world wide network of computerized interconnected educational, governmental, and business communities. Anyone with a computer and connection to the Internet can communicate on the World Wide Web ...The Internet. Your computer does this by sending data, via a unique Internet Protocol (IP) designation, to a particular destination on the Internet. Communications software "reads" these addresses and forwards the data. Since the mid-1980s, the Internet has grown from thousands of networks to tens of thousands and available to millions of people around the globe.

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Computer - Internet - KnowledgeIntroduced in the 1940s, the computer has become one of the most dominating electronic device to come out of the field of electronics and micro-chip technology. Computers have assisted us in the home, business and government sectors of society in performing a variety of tasks, such as word processing, communication and research, more efficiently. Users are able to accomplish many of these computer functions more readily by enlisting the infinite services provided by the Internet. Explore the Internet and open to it's vast array of online information. Take advantage of the many avenues made available to you!