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Stanford Who's Who inclusionWe would like to offer you a warm welcome and appreciate how frustrating it can be sometimes to wade through all those "offers of help" that run rampant on the internet. Here, I have great pleasure in sharing with you some vital information that makes sense and some simple mistakes to avoid. I hope you find it of interest and useful. "In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes" Benjamin Franklin So it should be noted that past performance is not always a reliable indicator of any future outcome BUT you can control the risk you are exposed to and limit any losses. So, if you're ready to take that next step please read on. After more than 12 years trading shares, lecturing and selling share market software, data and education to novice and seasoned share trading professionals, I know that the major reason most fail trading in shares is because they lack Money Risk Management knowledge and the discipline to apply them. JBL Risk Manager will help you overcome these issues by managing your risk so you may again enjoy trading shares, stress free. And then there is Online marketing where success is not about having a pretty website! Why do so many spend 1,000's of dollars on a great looking web site and surprised to find it has failed it's objective? How focused is your web site to your customers' needs versus your own?  Disclaimer

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Successful Stock Market Share Trading and Investing is all about managing your RISK to trade another day."Past results are not a reliable guide to future outcomes" but the risk you are exposed to can be controlled, by having the right tools and the discipline to use them. Very important if you currently manage your own Superannuation Fund or hope to in the future. Don't waste any more time or money on unproven strategies and untested stock market software waiting to again disappoint. We offer a complete solution in one package, giving you the support needed to help achieve your financial goals, sooner. JBL Risk Manager is rule based Money Risk & Trade Management software that will remove emotion, control the risk, protect your Trading Capital, Maximise your Profits and Minimise your losses AND yes you will have losses, but by using proven Money Risk Management strategies, it will keep them minimal.  It will integrate with MetaStock format LOCAL data but it is not necessary to own MetaStock Charting Software. You may consider JBL Risk Manager independently, but enjoy the FREE trial first. 


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